Voice & Personality: Verbal Charisma – David Corcoran

Ja, ich weiß, dass dieses Training kostenpflichtig im Voraus zu bezahlen ist.


€290 / 2 Stunden

Date(s) - 09.10.2020
15:00 - 17:00

Die Schule des Sprechens GmbH


Your voice is key to a good first impression. Do you take care of your words and vocal tone? Do you vary your speech for effect and help others understand what you want to say? Your voice is a gift and you are more musical than you think. This spin training will help you discover your voice and become aware of its potential. Professional Opera Singer and SDS Trainer David Corcoran, will guide you through a series of exercises and techniques to help you discover your voice, unlock vocal power and become aware of your potential whether you are speaking in public, meeting new people or just want to sound better in your day to day life. When you combine powerful words and rhetoric with a powerful and commanding voice you have the right combination for success.